6 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Next Toiletry Bag

Whether you’re a frequent flier or more the weekend-away-once-in-a-while type, you probably know the importance of having a good toiletry bag as part of your travel gear. 

But for those who may not know...

A good toiletry bag is a super timesaver.

That’s because you will know exactly where your Advil, sunscreen, shampoo, mosquito repellant, or whatever else you’re looking for is when you need it. 

You save yourself precious time by not having to unpack and repack your suitcase to locate items that, when left loose, seem to travel to the far reaches of the abyss that is your suitcase.

Another reason you need a toiletry bag is that it’ll keep your liquids from exploding all over your packed clothes during transportation. 

But this is only true if you’ve got a waterproof toiletry bag, or one with a waterproof compartment. You see...

Not all toiletry bags are created equal.

Some will suit your needs, and others will just be a waste of money and cause for frustration. 

Before you purchase your next toiletry bag, here are 6 important things to think about.

#1. Buy the size that meets your needs.

The ideal size of your toiletry bag depends on a few factors, including the length of your trip and whether you’re packing for just yourself or your family as well. 

Too large a bag for your needs wastes valuable real estate in your luggage. Too small a bag means you’ll have to carry extra items either in yet another toiletry bag or random ziplock bags.

In a perfect world, you would have a bag that grows or shrinks depending on your needs for any particular trip. (We may not live in a perfect world, but if you keep reading to the end of this post, you may just find the perfect toiletry bag does exist!)

#2. Make sure the bag is not too heavy when empty.

Once your toiletry bag is loaded up, it’ll be even heavier. This is weight that you’ll have to lug around during transportation. 

Leather bags are often heavier than lighter-weight fabrics like canvas or plastic, so you might want to stick with bags made of the latter.

#3. Go for a durable, water-resistant, waterproof material.

You’re going to want something durable (especially if you’re a camper or an adventure traveler). This toiletry bag is going to get jostled around on your trips, it will get wet, and it will get dirty over time. Plus, they aren’t inexpensive, so it’ll be easier on your wallet to select one that is made for the long haul. 

It’s also important to buy a toiletry bag that is water-resistant and/or waterproof to protect both the bag’s contents and the contents of your suitcase.

And finally, make sure it’s easy to clean. I prefer washable toiletry bags because they’re far more hygienic and easy to care for.

#4. Choose a bag with individual compartments.

I have never liked those one-compartment toiletry bags. Everything gets lumped in indiscriminately. It’s a mess. You risk liquids exploding or powders getting all over everything. Add a wet toothbrush to the mix and you’re asking for bacteria growth. 

What’s more, one-compartment bags make it hard to find what you need when you need it.

Toiletry bags with various compartments allow you to separate items and keep things neat, organized, and clean.

#5. Pick a functional style.

One style in particular I love is the tool roll or roll up style. It allows you to keep all your toiletries together in a bag that can be rolled (and compressed) so as to take up minimal space in your suitcase or backpack. 

I also like toiletry bags that can be hung. It’s convenient when you don’t have a lot of space (such as in a cramped hotel bathroom), and hygienic when camping or in places that don’t have clean surfaces to store your toiletries. 

#6. Make sure it’s airport-friendly.

A see-through toiletry bag is really helpful in getting through security quickly if you’re traveling with a carry on. You’ll know where your liquids are, and security won’t have to ask you to open your bag or rifle through the contents themselves. 

So there you have it. All 6 considerations you ought to factor in when buying your next toiletry bag. 

But did you know there’s a toiletry bag out there that meets every single one of these requirements, and more? 

It’s called the Tego Adventure Kit and it launches on Kickstarter July 27. 

My mission over the last five years has been to create the only toiletry bag any traveler would ever need. 

You see, an avid outdoorsman, I was frustrated with what was on the market. I saw the need for an efficient and fully functional toiletry bag. And, boy did we make it.  

Here are 3 reasons the Tego is the only toiletry bag you’ll ever need for travel.

#1. The Tego adapts itself to you, not the other way around. 

The Tego consists of 7 detachable sections (for now) that slide together to form hundreds of different combinations.  Going on a safari? Add a few sections. Overnight to grandma’s? Remove a few.  The 7 sections include a waterproof compartment, 2 mesh zipper pockets, plenty of elastic straps, cord wraps, two bigmouth pockets and even an exterior pocket - all to organize essentials of any shape and size. It’s tough, durable and machine washable.  

It still handles toiletries effortlessly, but now, it fits everything else YOU carry...mascara and bike tools, dongles and dog toys, chargers and cables, utensils and stencils, spices and devices. Ok you get it.  

With the Tego, it will be faster and easier to:

  • Access your toiletries. Each one has its own place and you’ll know exactly where to look for it when you need it.
  • Go through security. You can pull the Tego out of your hand carry and separate the liquids easily (they are in a see-through mesh compartment inside the Tego).
  • Stock your toiletries. You’ll know what needs a refill by simply unrolling the Tego and taking a look. (No more vigorous digging through a one-compartment bag.)
  • Avoid a liquid explosion in your carry-on at an inoportune time (which happens to be any time). The compartment housing liquids is waterproof.
  • Clean your toiletry bag. It’s washable. Just toss it in the washing machine.

#2. The Tego saves you money.

Because the Tego is durable, machine washable, and has all the little extras that render it perfect for any and every travel expedition, we doubt you will be throwing it out any time soon (and having to waste money on a new one).

Here’s why:

  • It’s made of recycled soda bottles and is strong, rugged, and well-constructed. There is little risk it will deteriorate or break on your trip.
  • Its customizable nature means you can choose the layout inside that fits your actual toiletry needs.
  • It is adjustable in size. For shorter trips, you likely need less toiletries. So when the Tego is rolled, it will be smaller than if it is filled up with more items for longer stays.
  • It is hangable, which is ideal for small, cramped spaces or outdoor camping.
  • Finally, even with all these features, this latest version of the Tego is really aesthetically pleasing. It satisfies even the minimalist’s discerning taste.

#3. The Tego does its part to save the earth, even if just a little bit. 

I tried to make the only toiletry bag that a traveler would ever need. It is my hope that this reduces the waste in the world of the countless plastic/ziplock bags that get used and tossed during travel.

What’s more, the Tego endeavors to leave behind as little impact on the Earth as possible. In addition to the Climate Neutral certification, every bag is made from 2.7 postconsumer recycled bottles.

Wondering how you can order your Tego? 

The Tego will be launching on Kickstarter July 27. Click HERE to sign up to be notified.  
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