Frequently Asked Questions

 Are you still selling previous versions?

No.  We learned a ton from version 1 and 2 and are thrilled that 3000 backers around the world are still using it. But it was time to move on and apply everything we learned.

What is different about version 3?

Whew -   it’s hard to know where to start. We designed it completely from scratch.

The first difference is that it has sections so YOU can design your bag.  Because what you take on a weekend trip is different than what you take on a safari adventure.  And what you need for EDC cords is different than what you need for your horse's beauty kit (that was a real use case).  Anyway, who better to design your bag than you?  

So we made sections for tall skinny things, short fat things, cords, liquids and everything else and in between.  

We used a 100% nylon fabric (vs waxed canvas) with a TPM coating on the inside to make it waterproof. This is to better protect all of your stuff from the petri dishes of the world, also known as countertops. It also means that the entire product is washable.

The mesh pockets are made of a single direction stretchable fabric. It’s not elastic, so it will never stretch out. And if it gets wet, it dries quickly. The inside of the pockets has a line of silicon across the top to prevent items from sliding out. 

This version was designed by users or users. After the last campaign, we recruited 30 diehard fans (the Tego Testers) from who helped design the product and test every sample that came back from our manufacturers.  


What are the Travel Kits made of?

They are made from nylon treated with a waterproof coating on the back. This means that the outside has a soft “hand”  which is fabric-speak for how it feels. The inside is waterproof and serves as a protective barrier for your toiletries.

Do you ship internationally?  

We certainly do - everybody has travails around toiletries.  Everywhere but Russia.  We ship USPS First Class International and the charge is based on where it goes.

Do you have a guarantee/warranty?

Yes, we offer a lifetime guarantee. We've had no takers so far.

Will you be able to offer replacement parts?

Well, there aren’t really any replacement parts. It’s all one piece.

Why should you support us?

Well, because we’re just like you. We believe that adventures are what make life worth living, whether it’s an afternoon stroll on the beach or a cross-country trip in an airplane you built. Tego started as one man’s solution to a particularly annoying problem. It’s evolved into yet another adventure. We hope you’ll join us.