Carbon Neutral Here We Come

Big news: Tego is going to be a carbon neutral company. That means we are going to offset all of the emissions from the manufacturing of the raw materials in our travel kits, the manufacturing of the travel kits themselves and all the distribution. To do this, we are joining Climate Neutral, a new nonprofit started by Peak Design’s Peter Dering and Biolite’s Jonathan Cedar that makes it much easier for small brands to measure and offset their emissions.

Here are a few of the many, many reasons to do this.

Climate change is real.  Like most of you, I love the outdoors. I want to keep it just the way it is not just so I can enjoy it, but so that my children and their children can live on a planet that can support them.  The climate crisis is going to be the defining issue of their generation. Part of the reason to offset our emissions is simply wanting to be able to look them in the eye and say that I did something.

Business has a voice.  Tego doesn’t (yet) have a dark money fund, but we have a voice.  We are going to use it for things we care about and, just maybe, inspire a little change.

To be clear, we don’t believe offsets are the answer.  They are just the best answer for now. The best economic answer is a gradually increasing carbon tax implemented by governments.  That’s just not going to happen in today’s political climate. We will continue to offset our emissions until there’s a better way. 

Finally, offsetting emissions is just the beginning.   Our goal is not just a sustainable company, but eventually, one that is regenerative. We are still figuring out that path. For now, we are going to continue to move to recycled and recyclable materials.   Among other changes we are making, your Tego Travel Kit will arrive in a paper bag wrapped in a paper shipping envelope. No plastic.  

It is a start.

Let’s roll.