What's Next?

We are hard at work on the next Tego, which will solve the existential problem with bags: that what you carry is different from what I carry. So any bag that works for both of us is, by definition, a compromise.  But what if it didn’t have to be? What if you could customize your Tego based on what you carry? 

The next Tego is going to have detachable interlocking sections so that the pockets can be for what you carry. If you want to carry your makeup and your horse's makeup (my favorite use case so far) in the same roll, you can.  Or your tech tables with your toiletries.  Or your first-aid supplies with your everyday carry.  You could also disconnect sections to create a smaller roll for a day trip or a carry-on.   In short, you can make a roll specifically for YOU- .   Here’s a few pictures of the latest prototype.

And a quick video walking through it:


Want to help?  Help us with two questions:  

1) What do you think? 

2) What sections should we create to handle what YOU carry?   

Please send your thoughts to parker@tashtego.co.  

Want a free Tego?  

Would you be willing to make a short video describing how you use your Tego and how you pack it? If so, get in touch with me at parker@tashtego.co.  I’ll send you a free Tego as a thank you.  

Happy holidays to you and yours. Stay safe.

Let’s roll.