What's new in V2?

What’s new in Tego V2?

Well, it’s almost Showtime. In three days, we launch the Tego Travel Kit v2.  We designed it completely from scratch although it is still a tool roll designed for toiletries.  Here’s what’s new in this version:

We used a 100% nylon fabric (vs waxed canvas) with a TPM coating on the inside to make it waterproof. This is to better protect all of your toiletries from the petri dishes of the world, also known as countertops. It also means that the entire product is washable.

The mesh pockets are made of a single direction stretchable fabric. It’s not elastic, so it will never stretch out. And if it gets wet, it dries quickly. The inside of the pockets has a line of silicon across the top to prevent items from sliding out. This replaces a canvas liner on the first version.

This version was designed by users or users. After the first campaign, we recruited 15 diehard fans (the Tego Testers) from who helped design the product and test every sample that came back from our manufacturers.  

The overall size is bigger-it’s taller and wider. So this can fit full-size toothbrushes such as the sonicare and just more items in general. The pockets along on the top flap can accommodate smaller items like Chapstick, nail clippers etc.

And there’s an entirely new closure. The webbing/G-hook closure system can accommodate many different sizes without a long piece of webbing. It means that all of your items will be secure no matter how full the Travel Kit is.