What's the Tego Travel Kit for?

Well, in a word, everything. It was originally designed for toiletries.  But even after the first campaign, Tegoans were displaying rather amazing ingenuity in using it for other things, including (but not limited to) makeup, tools, everyday carry, technology, bike tools, gym equipment and photography equipment. Basically anything that is long, skinny and doesn't play well with others (toothbrush, gym equipment,  hairbrush, etc.) is a good candidate.

Here are some pictures of Tegos in the Wild:

This is Heidi M's kit who had this to say: My husband and I just invested in 2 Specialized E-Bikes and are they super fun! We outfitted them with travel gear to be able to take our love of photography out into places cars can’t go. The new Tegos really fit into our equipment.... or rather, our equipment is a perfect fit for the Tego! We really appreciate how seriously you can pack them. Not to mention how conveniently small they are when rolled up. Great job, Tego Team!

Crystal R has hers packed for tech and everyday carry.  She says: "I’ve chosen it to be my dedicated item for my electronic paraphernalia (charging brick and juul charger, outlet port, misc cords, earbuds, earplugs) and even a small tin of body balm. :grin:I find it especially handy on flights as it fits in my under the seat daypack and I can easily access anything I need.
Tanya M ( who took many of our website pictures) has hers packed with makeup, jewelry and other necessities for weekend trips.
Lamorna C has hers packed for everyday carry and carry-ons.   She says: "So many uses. Might need a bigger messenger bag to carry a few more tash-stash."


That's just a few of the pics we've gotten so far. Keep an eye on Instagram and search for #TegosInTheWild.   And please share your own pics.  Next week, we will post a few of how it's used for toiletries.