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Our Story

I’m a guy who likes to make things. I make pens, knives, tree-houses, drones and, now, anything else my kids want to make. But the biggest thing I’ve made is an airplane.

Yeah, the kind you get in and fly. I flew it all over our beautiful country - Death Valley, Maine, Florida, through the Bahamas and other places where the “airport” is really just a patch of crushed coral or a clearing carved out of the forest. These are places where there aren’t mechanics to work on airplanes, so taking tools along is a pretty good idea.

Airplanes can only lift a certain amount of weight and there isn’t much space, so you have to think carefully about what to take and how to pack it. Getting smacked in the face by a floating wrench really hurts.

That’s when I fell in love with tool rolls.Tool rolls can be small, barely larger than the tools themselves, the individual pockets keep everything organized and, since they’re made out of fabric, they don’t weigh much. It’s easy to see if you’re leaving a wrench buried in the grass. Mine didn’t have to be nice, so I usually made them myself.

A few years later, frustrated with every toiletry kit I've ever had, I made one for my toiletries. Then a few friends asked for one, then a few more and here we are.   Two Kickstarters and 5,000 customers later, it’s gotten a little out of hand.

We’re continuing our adventure at Tashtego, and now we’ve got a lot more friends to share the journey. Our latest product has been designed by our most dedicated customers, a group we call the “Tashtego Testers.” Over the past year, through countless iterations, we’ve developed a new tool roll that’s better in all the right ways.

As we grow, our focus remains on building products that invite adventure, and building relationships with our customers that drive the designs of our products to new heights. Let’s roll!